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Pandemic EBT

Get help buying groceries while schools are closed!

What you need to know about Pandemic EBT (P-EBT)

Pandemic EBT, or P-EBT (money to buy groceries) is coming for this school year! If your child was not eligible for P-EBT last school year, they may be eligible this year.

This program is not currently available – GET READY by doing the following: ͕

  • Fill out a school meal application for this year – only kids eligible for free/reduced price school meals will be eligible for P-EBT. ͕
  • Make sure your school always has your current address! P-EBT cards will be mailed to last known address. ͕
  • P-EBT is for all eligible children, regardless of their citizenship or immigration status.


Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) is food assistance to help families buy groceries if their child is eligible for free/reduced-price school meals. Schools still do not know exactly how the program will work – but we do know this:

Children are eligible for P-EBT if they are enrolled in free/reduced price meals  in a K-12 school – or who attend a school where meals are typically (before the COVID pandemic) free for all children. P-EBT for eligible kids will also depend on whether their school is operating in-person less than every weekday. Beginning sometime in winter 2021, eligible children will automatically receive new P-EBT cards with food benefits.

P-EBT is for all eligible students, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. The only requirement is a child must be eligible for free or reduced-price school meals, and will depend on whether their school is in-person or not.

More information will be posted when USDA approves our state’s plan. Until then, make sure families get the food assistance they need by completing their school’s meal application now, and making sure their child’s school always has their most current mailing address.