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Northwest Harvest
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About Us

Hunger isn't the Absence of Food. Hunger is the Absence of Justice.

Growing Food Justice through Collective Action 

Northwest Harvest is a food justice organization in Washington state.

We build partnerships in communities across Washington to get food where it’s needed most. We provide an average of two million meals each month through our statewide network of over 400 food banks, meal programs, schools, and community-based organizations. Part of a justice-centered movement, we advocate to change inequitable policies, practices, and institutions that perpetuate hunger and poverty. Together, we ensure communities across our state can access the nutritious food they want and need to thrive.

Equity Ends Hunger

Equity is fundamental to ending hunger. Northwest Harvest is committed to operating as an anti-racist, anti-oppression organization. We are unflinching in our work to transform an unjust food system into one that is more responsive and accountable to the communities most impacted by discrimination.

We recognize that hunger and poverty are rooted in systemic oppression. We cannot be complicit in perpetuating institutional injustices that sustain a racist society. We envision an equitable society where everyone can access the resources required to reach their full potential.

Equity demands a reordering of power and resources within a system that is out of balance. Equity thrives when centered around those most impacted by injustice, and we must follow their lead to have authentic partnerships in dismantling a system that sustains racism. Anti-oppression work is inherently disruptive, and we are committed to working through any discomfort to ensure that we are inclusive in our intentions and equitable in our actions.

Our Approach

Redefining a Food Bank

SODO Community Market is a safe, community-oriented space that redefines what it means to be a food bank.

Partnering to Provide Nutritious Food

We freely provide millions of pounds of food each year to a network of 375 food programs.

Impacting Institutional Policy

Northwest Harvest advocates to create a more equitable food system, because we believe nutritious food is a human right.

Empowering People to Make a Difference

Whether it’s repacking product at one of our regional distribution centers or distributing food, our volunteers are vital to our ongoing fight against hunger.

Key Milestones


Northwest Harvest was formed when Seattle community leaders formed a social justice organization committed to addressing hunger.


Northwest Harvest joins forces with 34 partner organizations to create Washington’s first emergency food bank network.


Northwest Harvest secured and distributed over one million pounds of food in a year for the first time.


Northwest Harvest becomes a statewide agency after opening warehouses in Spokane and Yakima—eventually serving every county in Washington.


Northwest Harvest opens SODO Community Market—a no-cost grocery store in Seattle that redefines what it means to be a food bank.

Our History

In 1967, a group of social activists started the organization that is now Northwest Harvest—a hunger relief agency that provides food for individuals and families struggling with hunger.

More than 50 years later, much of the landscape in the Pacific Northwest has changed. But, one thing has stayed the same—many of our neighbors still struggle with hunger. And Northwest Harvest continues to act. We are stepping up and stepping forward to stand beside communities who experience discrimination and inequality—those who are the most likely to experience hunger.

Today, Northwest Harvest addresses the root causes of food insecurity by seeking justice for all.

The People Behind Our Work

Our dedicated staff, board, and partners make all of our work possible.

Meet the Team Making a Difference

Our team works tirelessly to make sure people across Washington state have access to healthy food.

Our Partners in the Fight Against Hunger

Our statewide partners make the equitable distribution of nutritious food a reality.

Join Northwest Harvest

Be part of the team that is bringing equity to our food system.

Providing Food Today—Eliminating Hunger Tomorrow

The mission of Northwest Harvest is growing food justice through collective action. Our vision is ending hunger in Washington.

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