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Community Partners

Anti-Hunger & Nutrition Coalition

AHNC advocates for policies and public funds to improve nutrition programs and emergency food assistance. Their ongoing commitments include protecting investments in nutrition, health & economic stability for people in need and sustainable revenue for a healthy, hunger-free Washington.

Washington Anti-Poverty Advocates Group

WAAG is a coalition of human services organizations advocating for state policies that mitigate poverty, including cash assistance for families with children in deep poverty, guaranteed basic income, and food and housing supports.

Race Equity Team (RET)

RET is a gathering space for organizations to share updates and mobilize support for policies that have a demonstrated analysis of how they will close race-based gaps in access to basic needs and civil rights.

Food Research and Action Center (FRAC)

FRAC is the leading national nonprofit organization working to eradicate poverty-related hunger and undernutrition in the United States.

Washington Food Coalition

A coalition of emergency food providers, governed and directed by individuals working in disadvantaged communities throughout the state.

Working Families Tax Coalition

The Working Families Tax Credit Coalition is a coalition of organizations spanning economic and racial justice groups, immigrant rights advocates, labor, direct service providers, domestic violence advocates, and other justice organizations. Together, the coalition works to ensure communities most impacted by Washington’s tax code receive cash in hand.

Farmworker Solidarity Network

The Farmworker Solidarity Collective meets monthly with the Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ) and other advocates across the state to discuss ways to mobilize support for our in Washington state.


Protecting Immigrant Families 

The Protecting Immigrant Families Coalition brings together leading advocates for immigrants, children, education, health, anti-hunger, anti-poverty groups, and faith leaders to lay the foundation for a future where everyone has access to the respect and care they need, regardless of who they are or where they were born.

National Right to Food Community of Practice/Network

With the support of advocates, legal experts, community organizers, food and farm organizations, and other stakeholders — especially food workers, small scale food producers and those with lived experience of hunger – this network is building a national community of practice acting towards securing statewide constitutional amendments for the right to food.

Washington Dental Access Coalition

More than 50 organizations, including health care associations, consumer advocates, dentists, dental hygienists, senior groups, Tribal governments and educational institutions, working to support authorizing dental therapy in Washington so that oral healthcare is accessible to all.

Low Income Housing Alliance Coalition

As the statewide champion for housing, the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance is a powerful coalition of diverse organizations and individuals working together to build and protect safe, healthy, affordable homes for everyone in Washington.

Partners in Charge

Partners in Change (the Partnership) is a coalition of BIPOC-led, BIPOC-serving, community-based organizations and community leaders across King County and Washington State. They advocate for racial and social justice in the County and State’s response to the COVID-19 crisis as well as long-term equity infrastructure, and raising the voices and needs of our communities to decision-makers. The Partnership reaches small and micro-organizations serving undocumented, migrant, farmworkers, incarcerated, detained, houseless, disabled, refugee, immigrant, multilingual, LGBTQIA+, Native, and low-income communities of color.

Balance Our Tax Code

Balance Our Tax Code is a coalition made up of more than 100 labor unions, non-profits, immigrant rights advocates, human service providers, housing advocates and activists. Together, they work to educate, advocate, and pass laws to create a fairer tax code that supports a way of life for all, not just the wealthy few.

Western Region Anti-Hunger Consortium

A regional coalition working to strengthen state and federal anti-hunger advocacy in the western states, foster collaborative work on regional issues, and provide a united voice on federal issues affecting hunger in the region.

Closing the Hunger Gap, Narrative Change Task Force

Closing the Hunger Gap recognizes access to healthy food as a human right and strives to find appropriate solutions to address the root causes of hunger and poverty. Part of that work includes shifting narratives about who experiences hunger and why, what sustainable and viable solutions to hunger are, and how individuals and organizations can engage in that work collectively. The Task Force works to build a shared analysis and common message with actors in the anti-hunger sector about the true solutions to ending hunger in the U.S.

The Global Solidarity Alliance for Food, Health and Social Justice

An international grassroots collective shifting the primary focus from charity-based solutions to hunger and food insecurity toward the vision of food sovereignty as a right of all people everywhere.