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Building the Political Will to End Hunger in Washington

Northwest Harvest advocates to create a more equitable food system, because nutritious food is a human right

Northwest Harvest advocates for state and federal policies to increase access to food, housing, health care, and economic stability. Ending hunger for good means eradicating its root cause—poverty. To this end, we advocate for public policies that:

  1. Promote Access to Nutritious Food: Northwest Harvest advocates, educates, and organizes for access to nutritious food. This includes protecting and strengthening nutrition assistance programs, such as SNAP, nutritious school meals, and WIC.
  2. Help People Meet their Basic Needs: We support efforts to protect and strengthen programs that help people meet their basic needs for income, housing, and health care, so that families can afford to spend more of their income on food, reducing chronic hunger. 
  3. Support Budgets that Restore a Basic Safety Net: Northwest Harvest supports sustainable federal, state, and local sources of revenue to ensure that social safety net programs are sufficiently funded.Budget cuts to SNAP and other programs which are a lifeline to those who use them threaten to increase hunger, poverty, and poor health across our communities. 

Our 2024 Legislative Priorities

We advocate for public policies that 1) promote access to nutritious food, 2) help those who struggle to meet their basic needs, and 3) support budgets that restore our basic safety net with fair and sustainable revenue.

Ensure the Right to Food

The Right to Food affirms we, as a society, believe hunger is unacceptable, entirely solvable, and is our collective responsibility to address. All people are born worthy and deserving of care, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Initiatives to Grow Grassroots Action

Northwest Harvest believes that advocacy must center the lived experience of people most impacted by food injustice.Through our initiatives, we create spaces to cultivate leadership with individuals with first-person experience with hunger and food insecurity.

Take Action

Become a champion for those experiencing hunger. Advocating can be as simple as writing a postcard or forwarding an email and still change thousands of lives. Find out what you can do now.