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Get ready to vote in this year’s primary election! Ballots were shipped out on July 16th and are due back to your local auditor’s office by August 3rd 

Primary elections, although much quieter than a typical federal election, play an extremely vital role in developing and building up the strength of our local communities.  

Most of the offices up for election this year are local and, as such, your vote has a special influence – you will vote for candidates for Mayor, City Council, County Council, local School Boards, City Executives and City Attorneys; leaders for necessary services, such as Waste Disposal and Fire Protection, and Commissioners for your local hospital. These leaders decide how your community will address food concerns, community development, and self-determination. They decide how to allocate resources for you! They represent you on the issues you care the most about. 

In addition to voting for local candidates, you will also vote for measures of extreme importance! You will vote for increased funding for necessary services, such as fire protection in the heat of the summer and during the onslaught of climate change, for continued and valuable public education, for development and maintenance of community services, such as libraries and hospitals, and a whole range of others! Your vote this primary season matters!

Here are some things that you can do now to prepare to vote:  

  1. Have you recently moved? Has your information changed since this past November general election? Review your information in the Washington Votes portal. Information can only be updated in this portal until today, July 26th, in time for the primary election, and then updates must be made in person. 
  2. Are you now eligible to vote in the primary election? You can register to vote online through the Washington Votes portal! Please view this video by the Washington State Secretary, Kim Wyman, to learn about other ways to register to vote. 
  3. Washington is a mail-in voting state! Your ballots can be placed in your mailbox, and you can know comfortably that they will be mailed safely and securely to your local processing center. View this helpful infographic for more information on mail-in voting! Alternatively, there is comprehensive information on where to find your local ballot drop boxes and voting centers throughout Washington.  
  4. Hot tip! You can register to vote, update your information, and vote on August 3rd at your local voting center! This can all be done on the same day in person! 
  5. Ballots can also be placed in a drop box until 8:00PM on election day! 
  6. Stay informed! In addition to your ballot, you will receive a county-wide Voter’s Pamphlet for you to make the most informed decision for you and your community. You can also view the 2021 Primary Election Voters’ Guide online for more information on measures and candidates! Also, please take note of key dates and deadlines regarding your vote! 
  7. View our Northwest Harvest Voter Engagement Guide for information, resources, and tools to drive active participation in elections!  

Thank you for voting and making your voice heard. A healthy and sustainable democracy requires input and participation from all of us. Creating a future that is just and equitable begins in our local communities, and together we can work to end hunger across Washington!