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Food Shopper Equity

We are pleased to announce our new website: Food Shopper Equity! A user-friendly online collection of lessons and tools for hunger relief agencies and their partners that will help you reach your goals and amplify community voices. 

We believe that centering shoppers’ culturally relevant food needs, preferences, and nutrition are at the heart of providing dignity and creating nourishing communities. This website is based on a process we developed while working with food pantries in King County, Washington. Our initiative started with a goal of helping hunger relief agencies promote healthy food choices. Over time, we developed a process that supported these agencies in making changes to their layout, processes, and policies to promote improved access to healthy foods and increase shopper dignity.  

Considering the complexity of food choices and the additional burdens that many food pantry shoppers face, creating a welcoming, low stress environment can allow shoppers a real opportunity to make choices that support their health. Now we want to share this process with others. 

You’ll learn how to equitably: 

Visit our Support Tools and Resources section to download:  

  • templates for donor communications, shopper surveys, buying guides 
  • resources specifically targeted to increasing anti-racist practices  

Visit our Behavioral Economics gallery and get inspired by what others have done!  

Whether making changes to your layout, processes, or policies to promote access to healthy and culturally relevant foods, this website will support you in creating a more respectful shopper experience 

For more details and information, check out the following resources – 

Food Shopper Equity web address:  

Food Shopper Equity Informational video link: