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My Neighbor’s Table: Fresas con Crema

My Neighbor’s Table features recipes from communities across Washington for you to make at home. Whether it’s trying a new ingredient or falling in love with the flavors of a new dish, we believe food brings people together.

Fresas con crema is a simple and tasty dessert, originating from either Mexico or Columbia. However, no matter where you find it, this refreshing treat is extremely popular in the summer around strawberry season and is sure to refresh and tickle the taste buds.

Fresas con Crema

  • 1 can (7.6 ounces) media crema table cream* (can also use sour cream, or creme fraiche)
  • 3 T sweetened condensed milk*
  • 1 t vanilla extract*
  • 3 c chopped fresh strawberries
  • Fresh mint leaves (optional)
  • Slice strawberries into thin rounds.
  • Whisk together cream, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and vanilla.
  • Add sliced strawberries to a cup and top with sweet cream mixture.