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Thank Governor Inslee for State Investments to Fight Hunger

As Congress closes in on a much-needed COVID-19 relief bill, Governor Inslee has released a comprehensive proposal for our state’s operating budget to take us through June 2023. We are thrilled that his budget lays a strong foundation and vision for an equitable recovery, including investments that will help put food on the table of struggling families and individuals, supports safe and affordable housing, and prioritizes race equity.

The most recent Census data reports that 1 in 8 Washington adults living with children cannot afford enough food for themselves and their children. That is an indicator of deep hunger when children who usually eat before adults do not have enough to eat.

We applaud the Governor for prioritizing critical investments in nutrition assistance programs, and including in his proposed budget:

  • Increased funding for programs that help low-income households buy more fruit and vegetables with SNAP and WIC.
  • $23 million for food banks, responding to dramatic increases in need-as much as 300% for programs throughout our state.
  • Funding for produce boxes for families and grants and technical assistance for schools and summer meals providers to buy fresh, locally grown ingredients for child nutrition programs.
  • Extending SNAP benefits to prevent sudden shortfalls in food budgets, keeping households healthy when returning to work.

We also support the strong investments for equity, housing, and economic stability, including funding the Working Families Tax Credit, extending the TANF time limit to help families with children living in deep poverty have access to cash assistance and workforce support, funding the Office of Equity, and $220 million in the capital budget for the Housing Trust Fund.

These investments are made possible with the Governor’s inclusion of critically needed new revenue, including closing the loophole on capital gains. Without additional federal relief, our state must consider revenue options to prevent cuts to food, housing, and basic needs services and actually strengthen these programs that are needed more than ever.

We hope you will join us in thanking Governor Inslee, and telling your lawmakers to support these essential investments to meet the growing need in our communities.

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