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Taking Time to Remember: This is All About Love

A message from Chief Executive Officer Thomas Reynolds

Moving home to Washington and going to work to address hunger was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I first started here, so much helpful information came my way: who to meet; what to work on; where to place my time and attention. But the single most important piece of advice I received was also one of the simplest: “Love the people you work for.”

This year, we opened Northwest Harvest’s SODO Community Market—a free grocery store full of fresh, healthy food and ready to eat meals. We hope the well-lit shopping space welcomes our guests to feel at home. We hope the always-replenished fruit and vegetable bins inspire our shoppers to try new recipes as well as traditional family favorites. And we hope the market supports the making and sharing of thousands of family-uniting Thanksgiving meals this year.

Northwest Harvest distributed tens of millions of meals across Washington this year. We loaded up on apples, squashes, pastas, pinto beans, and rice. We then trucked those and other nourishing staple foods to every county in the state. From food banks in Ocean Shores to Issaquah, to residential centers in Yakima and Spokane, to vital distribution centers in Bellingham and Tacoma, we provided free nutritious food to neighbors who struggled at some point this year to make ends meet.

Sometimes I’m asked if the work is overwhelming. In fact, it’s the opposite. When I see someone take home a bag full of healthy food that farmers, grocery stores, and food drive participants entrusted us to distribute, it feels amazing. For all the logistics and execution we undertake, at the end of the day, this is about love. Love of people whom we have the privilege of serving and love of people we stand shoulder to shoulder with as we strive for a society free from hunger.

During this upcoming holiday season, I wish you too have the privilege of connecting with others sharing a moment, a meal, or a smile.