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National Call-In Day for Comprehensive COVID Relief- November 19

No one should have to choose between paying their rent or buying food for their family, but that’s the situation in which 1 in 4 Washington adults now find themselves due to the ongoing pandemic. This is why we must urge Congress to quickly pass a comprehensive COVID relief package that includes boosting SNAP benefits, increasing housing and rental assistance, and funds for our state and local governments to provide essential needs services.

Yet Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has continued to call for a “targeted” bill that largely resembles the “skinny” bills that have twice failed on the Senate floor for being woefully inadequate. With renewed restrictions to help us do the critical work of slowing the spread of this virus, now is the time to urge Congress for a robust relief package that can help workers and families weather the economic fallout. Increasing SNAP, restoring unemployment benefits, providing grants for small businesses-these are all essential generators of economic activity and can be provided in a robust, bipartisan package.

Please take the time to call your members of Congress. The few minutes spent leaving a message that urges action for comprehensive COVID relief could save more households from falling further into poverty.

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