Western Washington

Volunteers repacking peas at Kent Warehouse

Volunteers repacking peas at Kent Warehouse

Kent Warehouse

In 2007 Northwest Harvest moved into our "Warehouse For Washington" in Kent, where we perform the heart of our mission—receiving, handling and distributing food. The Kent warehouse is critical to our efforts to provide more nutritious food to our partner food banks and meal programs throughout the state.

Modern storage facilities extend the shelf life of perishables and provide more space for all foods, especially frozen goods and produce. Increased storage capacity means room to expand our vital repacking services.

Northwest Harvest plans to increase the amount of food we secure annually to more than 30 million pounds by 2016. This means that every year thereafter we will be able to secure the equivalent of 875 semi-truck loads of food for Washington’s hungry. Our warehouse enhances Northwest Harvest’s vital contribution to Washington’s economy, positioning us to support clients, the agricultural industry and the varied communities of Washington State.

Volunteering at Kent Warehouse

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