Eastern Washington

Spokane WarehouseSpokane Warehouse

After more than five years serving the Spokane community with just a truck and no warehouse, Northwest Harvest leased a warehouse in Spokane that became fully operational in early 2010. Located in the Spokane Valley, the warehouse offers 13,600 square feet of dry storage and two loading docks, one of which is occupied by a refrigerated trailer. This facility has improved our level of efficiency significantly.

The need in Spokane is great and it is growing. In 2007, the average number of client services provided by our partner food programs in Spokane County was 4,642. Two years later, because of increases in client need and additional programs requesting food, that number had jumped to 10,875. Our Spokane County partners have experienced an average increase in demand of about 40 percent. Given this climate, it is imperative that food banks and meal programs access as many sources of donated food as possible. We are grateful for the opportunity to help bring more food to our neighbors in need in Spokane.

Volunteering at Spokane Warehouse

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