Beware Phone Scam: Northwest Harvest Does Not Telemarket!


When the telephone rang at four in the morning, Peg Ketter jumped out of bed. It was a stunning and frightening moment for the mother who instantly worried about her son in the military who was deployed overseas.

Fortunately, the caller on the other end was not the bearer of tragic family news.
But what happened next would be as confusing later as it was while wiping the groggy sleep from her eyes in the middle of the night.

“Hello, this is the Northwest Food Bank,” said a robotic voice.

Ketter lives in Florida. She had never heard of Northwest Food Bank. A quick online search the next day found no results but suggested a phone number for Northwest Harvest.
Although Northwest Harvest depends solely on donations to fund operations, we never telemarket.

“We have received calls from frustrated people as far away as California and Florida,” said Anthony Gomes, Communications Manager. “It’s frustrating for us, too. We’re worried someone picked a fictitious name that sounds like ours to trick people into donating money, and we’re pretty mad about it.”

Complaints have been filed with the state Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission. If you or anyone you know receive a similar call, please note the caller ID, if possible. Then call the FTC at 877.382.4357 and note case number 50083890.