Agricultural and Food Processor Partnerships

Harvesting cornNorthwest Harvest makes it easy for processors and growers to join in statewide efforts to feed Washington’s hungry.

Why Northwest Harvest?

  • We have the capacity to take bulk product and repackage it.
  • Our trucking resources allow us to respond quickly to transport product.
  • We distribute food statewide to more than 350 programs.

What are the benefits of giving to Northwest Harvest?
When you need to move product that will not have success in the market, we step in to help you:

  • Avoid a disposal fee
  • Clear your facility storage space to be free for new product
  • Avoid extra costs by returning bins and pallets
  • Avoid the costs of repackaging and handling because we accept product in bulk
  • Potentially receive a tax deduction
  • Avoid adding to your local landfill
  • Contribute to the overall health and strength of your community

For more information, contact:
Northwest Harvest

Mike Regis
Director of Procurement and Outreach
d 206.923.7448
tf 877.835.7448
c 206.380.0649

Lisa Hall
Yakima Warehouse Manager
d 509.575.6956
c 509.406.6787
f 509.575.6804