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Advocating can be as simple as writing a postcard or forwarding an email yet change thousands of lives. Find out what you can do now.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Lawmakers that Effective Solutions Require Progressive, Sustainable Funding

Our agenda is built on proven effective programs that improve access to nutritious food, invest in rural economies by supporting our growers, and promote economic stability by strengthening access to affordable housing and other essentials. But you can’t get something for nothing. We need new and sustainable improvements to our tax code to make the necessary investments that help all communities thrive.

Please take a moment to personalize and then send this letter from Balance Our Tax Code which will go to your legislators and Senate Ways and Means Committee members.

Action is also needed on our support agenda: tell lawmakers to support affordable access to dental care with SB 5142. This bill would expand the authorization of dental therapists who are trained professionals that can provide affordable, basic and preventive dental care. Please send a message to the Senate Health and Long Term Care committee, asking them to hold a hearing on this bill. Your message will be even more effective by adding a few words about how important good oral health is for people to be able to eat and how we should support effective solutions that increase equity like dental therapists, an option that creates more options in our communities that are furthest from health justice.

Join us for Hunger Action Day!

Register today for Hunger Action Day: February 12. We hope you can join us in urging lawmakers to invest in food, housing, health, and economic wellbeing. Participate in our daily trainings throughout the week so that you’ll be ready for your Friday legislative appointments. All training and legislative appointments will be online.

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Eliminating hunger means addressing its root causes. Browse timely reports and factsheets to learn more about hunger and poverty and how to make a difference.


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