'Tis the Season...

Our donors are the best. They're so warm and generous, and creative! One of our donors, Haney Truck Line, wrote a poem about the KNDO Family Food Drive in Yakima last week. We're so appreciative of the 45,000 pounds of apples they donated, and the holiday cheer they spread with their poem!

Good Holiday Cheer

By Sybil Miller

Haney Truck Line


‘Twas the early morning hours and of ridiculously cold day

Not a sane creature was stirring, except Haney employees at play

A truck had appeared on a Yakima street

Filled to the brim with sweet donated treats


When out on the street there came a camera crew

They were there to see what we were up to

When what to their wondering eyes did appear

A truck full of apples and three Haney reindeer


The Haney driver was so lightning and quick

We had pulled off our trick

Northwest Harvest was there, smiles all around

Happy holidays would abound

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