The Voices of Hunger

Northwest Harvest honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a beloved community with concern for the well-being of all, especially people experiencing hunger and poverty.

We’re proud to honor Dr. King’s legacy today by releasing our 2014 report--Focus on Food Security: For the Health of Our Communities. Like Dr. King’s Poor Peoples’ Campaign, anti-poverty advocates across the state are gathering in Olympia today for the Statewide Poverty Action Network lobby day. People are marching in Seattle and other cities calling for a living wage for working people. With them we want to amplify the voices and stories of food bank customers in our report, calling for solutions to hunger and poverty statewide.

You can read the report on our website and hear candid stories of 86 people we spoke with. You can also hear them speak for themselves in video stories linked in the report. This year we met with many seniors citizens, parents, veterans and workers. We heard the impacts that cuts to SNAP (formerly called food stamps) have in their lives. We heard about their choices between eating and taking care of chronic health conditions.

Their voices will lead the way as we advocate for a healthier society, as Jeana from Deer Park framed it: “I really believe the more you take care of the people who live with you in your community, the more the whole system will prosper,” she said. “The healthier all of us are, the healthier our society will be.”

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