Thanks from food bank clients a good feeling

After working at Northwest Harvest for just a week, I can honestly say the overwhelming friendliness and positivity within the Northwest Harvest organization is unlike any I’ve encountered in all my employments. To me, this says two things: Not only is Northwest Harvest effectively supplying food to people who actually need it, but every employee here knows this and takes great pleasure in their work because of it. I can comfortably say that the overall good-feeling at Northwest Harvest is infectious -- never before has it been so easy to wake up at 6 am on a daily basis.

My first day I worked the sandwich line, essentially the spearhead of Northwest Harvest’s Cherry Street food bank. In addition to general positivity among Northwest Harvest’s employees, the clients were respectfully appreciative of my work as well. About half the clients thanked me personally, specifically commending me for my patience or simply acknowledging my ‘sexy apron’. In my experience, a 50% thank-you rate is incredible: I was never once thanked as a volunteer ambulance EMT, and only very rarely as a paid EMT. It really says something when food bank clients, many of whom are homeless or with some kind of mental illness, think to acknowledge our work, while in both emergency and non-emergency medical situations, very few people express gratitude.

Being from out of town, I often find myself conversing through the globally-recognized string of questions: ‘Where are you from?’, ‘Where do you stay?’, ‘What brings you to Seattle?’. It pleases me that every single person I’ve talked to recognizes the name “Northwest Harvest” and knows they are one of the most legitimate non-profits in Washington. There’s certainly a very good reason Northwest Harvest is so well-known: It does important work for people who truly need it.

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