A Fresh Look at Strategies to End Hunger; Washington’s hungry hit harder by new legislation;   Responding to Child Hunger; Growing Eastern Washington; Increased Capacity Serves More in Time of Need; Growing Strong Agricultural Connections; Whitney’s Wonderful Life; Beware Phone Scam: Northwest Harvest Does Not Telemarket!

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A Fresh Look at Strategies to End Hunger

Shelley at CSFBSpring is a time for rebirth and a renewal. I love watching the flowers bloom and the trees blossom. The lilac returns to Spokane, eagles soar in the San Juan Islands, and Washington cherries are right around the corner in Yakima orchards.


Washington’s hungry hit harder by new legislation

Hungry people in Washington face a double hit from changes in the new federal Farm Bill. Cuts to food stamps (SNAP) will hit people harder here than in other states and put more pressure on food banks already stretched thin by a high level of need.


Responding to Child Hunger

One in four kids in our state does not have adequate, nutritious food. Thirty-six percent of people coming to food banks are children.


Growing Eastern Washington

Strategy 1: Statewide Engagement — Involving More People

Northwest Harvest has deep roots in the agricultural fields of eastern Washington. For decades, Northwest Harvest has worked with growers to harness the power of the Earth to nurture and nourish souls across the state. Now, Northwest Harvest is creating a special committee designed to better meet the needs of eastern Washington communities.


Increased Capacity Serves More in Time of Need

Strategy 2: Greater capacity — Serving More People

When Clark County Food Bank (CCFB) opened its new warehouse in 2011, organizers hoped they would be able to distribute significantly more food. Today, they play a leading role by helping smaller food banks in the area and as a key partner in Northwest Harvest’s hunger response network.


Whitney’s Wonderful Life

To write that Whitney McCleary loved to read books would be an understatement. She devoured them with a passion. Yet she was just as passionate about reading people as pages.