Snohomish County Mudslide Response

Oso Landslide

Oso Landslide

Here's how we're responding. Photo by Washington State Patrol, via Wikimedia Commons

UPDATE: April 17, 2014

A big thank you to everyone who donated to the Bankers Care food drive in March. We collected more than $6,200 in cash and online donations during the event. After talking to relief agencies and our partner food banks in the area, we used that money to buy ham. Our partners said the ham could be distributed as Easter dinners, or sliced for sandwich meat. Northwest Harvest delivered approximately 3,000 pounds of ham to the Skagit Valley Distribution Center on Wednesday. Authorities there plan to deliver the ham to our partners in the area at the Darrington Food Bank.

March 25, 2014
Several of you have asked how to help the victims of the Snohomish County mudslide and whether we are doing anything special to help our partners affected by the disaster. Northwest Harvest has been in contact with our contacts in the area, and we are responding to their requests.

On Wednesday, we are sending 11,000 pounds of food and supplies they have asked for: fresh produce, snack items that can be eaten on the go and foods that can be eaten with minimal or no cooking. This is a special response in addition to the regular food shipments to food banks that we support in the area.

On Friday, we will be at Westlake Center from 11 am to 1 pm as part of the Bankers Care food drive with KOMO4 News and the Washington Bankers Association. The annual event in Westlake is the culmination of a three-week drive at bank branches across western Washington. We have decided that any cash donations we collect during the Westlake event will go to support the special response.

We are grateful to donors whose regular and ongoing support enables us to respond in emergencies such as this, as well as to fight hunger year round with our neighbors across the state.

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