Public Policy Positions

Northwest Harvest staff and Board of Directors have adopted three public policy positions to guide our decisions and actions in pursuing our mission through advocacy.

Promote Access to Nutritious Foods

Northwest Harvest will strive to take a lead in advocating, educating and organizing to promote access to nutritious food for low-income people. This includes opportunities to increase access to nutritious foods in communities with high levels of need (i.e., food insecurity or hunger) beyond our traditional role in the hunger relief system.

Help Low-income People Meet their Basic Needs

Northwest Harvest will support advocacy efforts to protect and strengthen programs and activities that help low-income people meet their basic needs. We know from our Focus Group Project that many low-income people coming into food banks and meal programs rely on various local, state, federal and non-profit human service programs to support them in meeting their basic needs. When basic needs such as income, housing, and health care are being met through support programs or initiatives that promote self-sufficiency, families can spend more of their income on food and help us reduce chronic hunger. 

Support Budgets that Preserve a Basic Safety Net

Northwest Harvest supports adequate federal, state and local sources of revenue to ensure that programs helping low-income people meet their basic needs do not receive further cuts and that funding is increased where programs are not adequately funded to provide a basic safety net. Northwest Harvest will specifically advocate against an all-cuts approach to local, state and federal budgeting that results in cuts to eligibility or services for programs supporting low-income people or our Partner Programs.