Posters and Publications

Manual for Partner Programs

Our manual for partner programs includes information on Northwest Harvest policies as well as useful tips on food distribution, fundraising, and working with volunteers. Share this guide with your volunteers and board members. View and print the manual here

Food Safety and Informational Posters 

  • Food Donation Guide (PDF) - 8.5x11 
  • Food Labels and Dates (PDF) - 8.5x11 
  • Food Storage Guide (PDF) - 8.5x11 
  • Food Transport Times (PDF) - 8.5x11 
  • Handwashing Guide (PDF) - 8.5x11 
  • Potato and Onion Storage (PDF) - 8.5x11 
  • Proper Glove Wear (PDF) - 8.5x11 
  • Receiving Donated Food (PDF) - 8.5x11
  • Serious Can Defects (PDF) - 8.5x11 
  • Wash All Produce (PDF) - 8.5x11

For more food safety posters in various languages, visit the Washington State Department of Health website. 

Necessary Documents For Your Program

  • Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Check Log (PDF) English 
  • Sample Grievance Procedure (PDF) English | Espanol