Meet the UTC: Utilities and Transportation Commission

Utility Problems? We're in Your Corner!

We all have them. The vital services that heat our homes, cook our food, clean our clothes and connect us to the world - utilities. But many are struggling to manage these often costly bills. So, what do you do when having a problem with a utility, and working with the company is not helping? Call the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC), we’re in your corner! The UTC regulates private investor-owned utilities providing service in the state of Washington. Part of that regulation requires companies follow certain consumer protection rules which many consumers don’t know about. Consumer Protection staff at the UTC work directly with consumers and the company to find solutions to the problems they are having and ensure that the company is following all state rules and regulations.
Consumers should call our Help Line, 1-888-333-WUTC (9882), if they are having a billing dispute, customer service issues, quality of service problems, are threatened for disconnect, or just don’t know where else to turn. In most cases, the UTC can keep a customer’s service on, resolve the issues and provide them with information to help them avoid similar issues in the future.
The UTC can also help with problems with residential movers. Many consumers find themselves entrusting all their worldly possessions to moving companies who are less than trustworthy. One way to avoid many of the problems associated with rouge moving companies, is to check with the UTC before you hire a mover to make sure they have a state-issued permit. UTC staff can provide information about the status of a permit and the number of complaints a company may have. If something goes wrong, the UTC can help resolve the issue.
Help your clients get help - download information for your clients in multiple languages and find out more at It is a great resource for consumers and you can even file a complaint online.