Cut SNAP by $40 Billion? We're #madashell

by Christina Wong

Over in the other Washington, House leadership is aiming to have a floor vote next week on the Nutrition Reform and Opportunity Act. Despite its welcoming title, this legislation heartlessly slashes $40 billion from SNAP over the next ten years.


Darigold Fun Fridge Event

by Catherine McAuliffe

This past Sunday, Darigold hosted a giant "Fun Fridge" event at the Fremont Market. They served up gourmet food bites and family fun all to benefit Northwest Harvest. The event featured a 16-foot refrigerator kept  full of surprises until the giant door swung open.


What Back to School Means For Some

by Stephanie Hsu

On Wednesday I dropped my son off for his first day of school in Seattle. This is not a new experience for us, since he’s a teenager now. But each year is new and exciting, and brings with it gratitude for the growth and possibilities our schools offer to our children.