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Since 1967 Northwest Harvest has been helping feed hungry people in Washington and until that need is gone, we'll be here writing about the stories of the people we serve and those who help make our mission possible.

Here you'll read stories from and about a variety of people involved in the organization: including our volunteers, our staff and our clients; food procurement, nutrition, food safety, advocacy, childhood hunger. We hope you enjoy them and engage with them. We would love nothing more than to hear your stories and your comments to ours.

An Adventure to the Washington Food Coalition Conference

by Laura Titzer

About a week and half ago our Partner Programs Coordinator, Laura Titzer represented Northwest Harvest at the Washington Food Coalition's Annual Conference in Wenatchee. According to the conference website attendees will have "the opportunity to develop new collaborations, share information about tools and resources, hear about new and innovative programs and services, and network with others who share in their commitment to alleviate hunger."


Cut SNAP by $40 Billion? We're #madashell

by Christina Wong

Over in the other Washington, House leadership is aiming to have a floor vote next week on the Nutrition Reform and Opportunity Act. Despite its welcoming title, this legislation heartlessly slashes $40 billion from SNAP over the next ten years.


Inspiring Innovation

by Catherine McAuliffe

This is our first week without our DukeEngage summer interns. We are so grateful for the hard work they did this summer and we will miss seeing them around the office. Below is a blog post written by one of the interns before leaving us to head back to school. Thanks for everything Kevin and Danielle and good luck with school!


August recess advocacy actions to protect SNAP

It appears unlikely that Congress will pass a Farm Bill before they break for the August recess. When Congress returns at the beginning of September, they will have only 2-3 weeks to pass a Farm Bill or else pass a continuing resolution because the current Farm Bill will expire on September 30.