FALL 2014

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In this Issue: The Faces of Hunger, A Harvest That Sustains Life, From Farm to Food Bank, Wildfires: A Secondary Response, Focus on fighting child hunger: Informing policy to nourish low-income children, Concern for kids builds connections through Three Squares, Great hats and an “uncommon good sense”, Costco Wholesale VP Joins Northwest Harvest Board, Community advisors keep our response local, fresh and organic, Food Drives Provide Wild Variety

The Faces of Hunger

Each year we cross the state, visiting hunger relief programs to hear directly from people who are struggling to feed themselves and their families.


From Farm to Food Bank

People tell Rob Adams he knows every farmer from Pullman to Moses Lake. He agrees that he gets around. What strikes Rob most about Washington at harvest time is the sheer abundance. 


WA Wildfires: A Secondary Response

“I have friends that lost everything (in the fires)—four families. One’s due to have a baby next month. Reyna and Nellie (food bank staff) allowed me to get boxes of food for them and I took it to them last night. They were happy and crying.”

—Cindy, Bridgeport Focus Group Participant


Focus on fighting child hunger

This fall, Congress turns its attention to funding for child nutrition programs. With Washington’s elected leaders central to the debate, we’ve been connecting with front line partners across the state, talking together and with local, state and federal representatives about how to ensure that millions of low-income children have access to healthful food.


Great Hats, “Uncommon good sense”

“Early in life I decided that I would not be overcome by events. Life is a continual challenge and it’s up to us to be cheerful and to be strong so that those who depend on us may draw strength from our example.” 

—Eloise Haug, May 2, 1921 - March 3, 2014


Costco Wholesale VP Joins Northwest Harvest Board

Craig Wilson is the Vice President, General Merchandising Manager of Quality Assurance/ Food Safety, Non-Foods Quality Assurance, Environmental Services and Haz Mat and Merchandise Services for Costco Wholesale Corporation.


Food Drives Provide Wild Variety

When people think about volunteering with Northwest Harvest, they normally envision working at Cherry Street Food Bank or one of our three warehouses. But just as we rely on the volunteers who process, repack and distribute food, we count on the people who hold food drives for us. By giving their time to plan a drive and motivate others to donate, food drive volunteers meet unique needs for many of our clients.


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In this Issue: Priscilla is Why the Ends Must Meet, No Summer Break in Hunger, Liberty Mutual Volunteers, Oso Mudslide Response, Meet 30-year Volunteer Martha Beard, Filling the Gaps: Solving summer food shortages for kids, Food with a Side of Partnership



A Fresh Look at Strategies to End Hunger; Washington’s hungry hit harder by new legislation;   Responding to Child Hunger; Growing Eastern Washington; Increased Capacity Serves More in Time of Need; Growing Strong Agricultural Connections; Whitney’s Wonderful Life; Beware Phone Scam: Northwest Harvest Does Not Telemarket!



The Lasting Toll of Hunger; We Need to Be Ready; To Be Ready, We Need You; Voices From the Front Lines; Advocacy Made Easy; Warehouse Expansion Builds Capacity in Yakima; Avista Utilities Exec Joins NWH Board


FALL 2013

Filling Bellies, Fueling Minds; A New School Year to Pack Full of Nutrition; First in Fighting Hunger; Farm Bill Fight Leaves Hunger Relief Programs at Risk; Raising Awareness with Personal Stories of Real Struggle; Clients and Advocates Educate Lawmakers on Need; Goal shattered as volunteers give HUGE



Bounty of Washington Feeds Families Across the State; Thoughtful, Strategic Engagement Benefits Both Companies and Nonprofits; Summer Legislative Update