Multi-Service Center Food Bank

"A man and his son came in last week and said it would probably be the last time for him and his family of four. He had lost his job 2 years ago and hadn’t been able to find anything, but they started coming to the food bank and were hanging on. Recently his wife also lost her job so they are going to stay in their car and don’t know where they will wind up because you can’t just park anywhere and stay. He came for something for lunch because he doesn’t have cooking facilities. He just wanted to feed his kids lunch right now and then figure out what comes next. I suggested a few resources and he had already checked most of them out, i.e. housing in Federal Way, job search, etc. That’s why he didn’t know where they would go next. It just made me feel sick to not be able to help him. This isn’t the long term unemployed (or what that used to mean), this is a fine man and his wife who are unable to find work and housing to take care of their children. This sucks."

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