Kennewick Food Bank Client

“We moved to the area to find work. My husband, a laid-off carpenter, had only worked three out of 21 months when we lived in western Washington. Shortly after moving to the Tri-Cities for work, he was laid off. Having just used every dime we had to move here, we didn’t have money to pay our rent and buy food. The first time we came to the food bank we felt so embarrassed and guilty for having to ask for help.

The staff at the Kennewick Food Bank made us feel like it was okay to be here. One staff member told me, ‘Come back as often as you need.’ Those words stuck with me and we kept coming back, even after he went back to work. We still had so many bills to catch up on and didn’t want to choose between keeping the utilities on and buying food. I’m glad we kept coming because another layoff came 10 weeks later. Thanks to the food bank we’ve been able to eat and pay our bills, rent, and utilities and still buy necessities for our two young children. I don’t feel embarrassed anymore, just thankful.”

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