Hunger Stops Here Challenge: The More You Know

by Todd Girouard

"A toast! A toast to Papa Dollar and to Mama Dollar, and if you want the old Building and Loan to stay in business, you better have a family real quick." George Bailey
Remember that scene in “It’s A Wonderful Life” where George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) takes the last two dollars left after a run on the Bailey Building and Loan and puts them together, hoping they’ll make babies?

That scene came to mind as I was thinking about how to explain our dollar-doubling campaign. It’s called The Hunger Stops Here Challenge. Every gift made to this campaign in September and October will be matched. Your “Papa and Mama Dollars” make babies! And they make more meals happen for our neighbors in need.

There are many for whom life doesn’t feel so “wonderful” right now. Some of them face chronic challenges and find themselves in food bank lines more than they’d like. Others have hit a temporary snag and, overcoming their embarrassment and anxiety, find themselves needing a helping hand to get through a tough time. In some ways, you who give time, talent or dollars, are ‘guardian angels’ for those in our community who are feeling a little desperate. Like how George Bailey felt when Clarence arrived on the scene. (Maybe it’s a little early for my “Wonderful Life” comparisons, but work with me here.)

A nourishing meal can make all the difference. And with the Hunger Stops Here Challenge, those meals will be doubled. Our goal is to raise $250,000 by the end of October. That will be matched by $250,000 that’s already been raised from a handful of philanthropic community leaders, including Connie and Steve Ballmer, who breathed life into this campaign three years ago. Others contributing mightily are Craig and Niki Ueland, David and Denise Cole and Joe and Dr. Rachel Beda.

Finally, if you’ve been following along, you’ll realize that when the bell rings (and an angel gets his or her wings) and we achieve our goal, the grand total will be $500,000. More to the point, that will provide more than 2.2 million nutritious meals for people in need all across our state!

To paraphrase George Bailey: “Atta boy, Washington.” We can do this. Thanks for taking the Hunger Stops Here Challenge and challenging hunger.

You can learn more about this incredible campaign at or you can contact Tood Girouard at 206.923.7441 or 

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