Growing Eastern Washington


Strategy 1: Statewide Engagement — Involving More People

Northwest Harvest has deep roots in the agricultural fields of eastern Washington. For decades, Northwest Harvest has worked with growers to harness the power of the Earth to nurture and nourish souls across the state. Now, Northwest Harvest is creating a special committee designed to better meet the needs of eastern Washington communities.

The committee will be comprised of up to 15 members. They will meet three times each year with the goal of helping Northwest Harvest enhance operations statewide.

Northwest Harvest is the only non-profit food distributor operating statewide. The organization started serving eastern Washington just years after opening in 1967.

Initially, the organization trucked food from the Seattle area directly to smaller food banks across the state. After listening to partners in cities and towns across Washington, staff realized the need in eastern Washington was just as high as western Washington­­—and we realized we could better serve the need by opening a warehouse east of the Cascades.

Northwest Harvest’s footprint has grown since then. The organization doubled the size of its Yakima warehouse in 2013, and amplified its Spokane presence with a 13,500 square-foot warehouse in 2010.

Both locations help to better support the full-time staff that works in central and eastern Washington, along with the food banks, meal programs and schools that Northwest Harvest helps support.