Food Safety

Food safety is an important part of the work we do. It is important that your program stay in compliance with all county, state and federal health codes. Keeping food safe requires attention to proper food safety rules at each stage. Download our posters for your emergency food program to ensure that you, your volunteers and your clients are all aware of safe food handling. And, read further to stay informed on health code rules, recalls, proper storage information and other great resources.

Washington State Department of Health and WSU Extention:

National Food Safety Resources:

  • USDA Food Safety - The US Department of Agriculture’s information on safe food handling and recalls. 
  • Fight Bac! Partnership for Food Safety Education is full of great resources and print-outs in multiple languages and for various ages. Great resources to pass onto food bank users. 
  • - A division of the US Department of Health, information on perishable foods and recalls. 

Food Dates and Storage Information:

Potato and Onion Storage 

  • Onions USA - Best storage information to keep onions fresh as long as possible 
  • National Potato Council - Best storage information to keep potatoes fresh as long as possible