Cuts to SNAP Are Coming Our Way

by Catherine McAuliffe

I’m sure that you have been hearing about the cuts that will be coming to SNAP (the term for food stamps) that will be going into effect tomorrow, November 1st. I know we’ve been talking about it for weeks as we get ready for many of our clients to see a reduction in the assistance they are currently receiving.  Earlier this week, the Washington Post ran a couple of articles about the decrease in SNAP funding, what exactly that means and what some of the future implications of these cuts might be.

We wish everyone on SNAP the best of luck while they navigate how to budget with these cuts coming their way. Should anyone need a little extra help providing food for their family, you can always find a food bank near you by looking at our Hunger Response Network.

To check out the articles on the Washington Post check out the links below.

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Sharon Randall

How the hell does our government expect people who CAN NOT work to feed their families? I,for one,would like to see everybody from the president and his family on down through all of our law makers to have to live on the allowed amount of food stamps, per family size for at least six months. They all would be monitered to make sure they weren't supplementing with money. Then see what they think of the nations food stamp program. Why do we have to take food out of the mouths of our children so we can put billions into weapons?

Sharon Randall

I simply said what l feel about our government's policies towards people.

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