August recess advocacy actions to protect SNAP

It appears unlikely that Congress will pass a Farm Bill before they break for the August recess. When Congress returns at the beginning of September, they will have only 2-3 weeks to pass a Farm Bill or else pass a continuing resolution because the current Farm Bill will expire on September 30.

Take Action: Please take a few minutes to do the following to urge your member of Congress to protect and strengthen SNAP:

  1. Call or email your member of Congress and ask them to sign onto this letter from Rep. Jim McGovern and Rep. Rosa DeLauro. The letter is addressed to Speaker Boehner and Leader Pelosi, and urges them to protect SNAP. If you live in Rep. Suzan DelBene's district, please thank her for signing onto the letter. The deadline for signing onto the letter is August 2, so please don't delay in contacting your member today!
  2. You can send an email to our Senators and to your Representative, urging them to protect and strengthen SNAP by using this online form, brought to you by our friends at the Children's Alliance.
  3. Now that you've taken action, please forward this message to others in your network!

Tip for our Partners: Have a volunteer or staff member staff a table at the end of your grocery line with a laptop that is connected to your internet network. You can pull up the online form from the Children's Alliance and have clients complete the information with their name and address to send a message to their Senators and Representative. Encourage them to personalize the message on the form with a quick explanation about how cuts to SNAP would hurt them and their families. Be sure to clear the web browser memory after someone completes the form so that you can complete a new form for each customer.

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