Amgen Gives Back

by Catherine McAuliffe

At Northwest Harvest, we always love to hear about inventive ways people get involved and give back to their communities. It comes as no surprise that the Super Bowl featuring Washington’s own Seattle Seahawks would provide the creative impetus for collections.

In the week before the Super Bowl, Amgen got its staff into the spirit by auctioning off an official Seahawks 12th Man jersey with the Amgen name across the back. The winner of the raffle took home the coveted jersey and chose a non-profit for the raffle money.


“Everyone wanted this jersey,” said Carol Pawlak who leads Amgen’s Corporate Affairs in Washington State. “All of our staff was excited for the game. The prospect of the raffle money going to a charity of their choice made winning the jersey even more compelling for our generous staff. We had them touch the jersey for luck, which seemed to do the trick. ”

The raffle earned nearly $1,000, and the winner, Brian Bush, chose Northwest Harvest. Did the lucky jersey have anything to do with the Seahawks’ big win? The staff at Amgen would like to think so! At Northwest Harvest we know that in addition to the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, we also won  big as a result of Amgen, their employees and Brian’s desire to fight hunger!

The Amgen raffle will help us provide more than 4,500 meals across Washington state. We know the Seahawks are gearing up for a long run of success in the NFL, and we hope to do the same in our fight against hunger. Thanks again to everyone at Amgen and communities across the state who are helping in that fight against hunger. Together, we make a great team.

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